These 10 kinds of diet is all you need to know to lose weight


No. 6: Jenny Craig Diet

The best thing about the Jenny Craig is that it is so easy to follow. They give you all the meals you need to eat, so no guesswork on your part. It may be easy to stick to, but you’ll lose only about two pounds each week.

No. 7: Raw Food Diet

Following the Raw Food Diet can really shake things up in your system, and you may drop weight pretty darn fast. This means nothing cooked, processed, microwaved or baked.

No. 8: South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was surely not a fad. It’s a three-phase diet, with the first two-week phase claiming you’ll drop eight to 13 pounds. It focuses on “good” carbs and fats, and as a bonus, there’s no calorie counting!

No. 9: Spark Solution Diet

The Spark Solution Diet is two weeks of a controlled 1,500-calorie diet and exercise, which you follow along in its guidebook. It will reset your outlook and optimize your metabolism.

No. 10: Volumetrics Diet

On the Volumetrics Diet, you will lose one to two pounds each week while opting for foods that have more volume than calories. For example, you would avoid eating a very tiny and very unfilling calorie-laden chocolate truffle while opting for several cups of air-popped popcorn instead.

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