10 Foods From Around The World To Eat When You Catch A Cold

6. Garlic honey from Hungary:

Garlic honey from Hungary:

Teresa Kasprzycka / Getty Images

A simple dish made from grated garlic mixed with honey. It is eaten with a spoon, and in very small bites (for obvious reasons).

7. Toast with Vegemite from Australia:

Toast with Vegemite from Australia:

StephenMitchell / Creative Commons / flickr.com

Vegemite is a salty, brown paste that most might consider the national food of Australia. It’s so popular that Aussies even eat it when they’re feeling ill.

8. Fish porridge from Singapore:

Fish porridge from Singapore:

Su-Lin / Creative Commons / flickr.com

It’s similar to Japanese rice porridge, but the Singapore-style porridge has thinly sliced white fish and ginger in it, and then topped with soy sauce and green onions.

9. Bilberries from Finland:

Bilberries from Finland:

Roman Ivaschenko / Getty Images

Nope! Not a typo. Bilberries, which grow in Finnish forests, are similar to blueberries. They are highly nutritious, and many people eat them in soups and drinks.

10. Pastina from Italy:

Pastina from Italy:

Sabrina Savoy / Getty Images

Pastina is made up of very tiny pasta noodles. It is cooked in chicken broth or vegetable soup to make something like an Italian version of porridge.