12 Pickup Lines That Actually Worked On Women

When it comes to pickup lines, men are usually hit or miss. There are various reasons for the possible success for these quick lines, including location, age, and occupation. With numerous pickup lines out there, only a select handful seem to have a near-perfect success rate, including “Do you string your string cheese and bite it?” and “What was the first CD you’ve ever bought yourself?” Unfortunately, these 12 guys didn’t use the more popular ones, but they still managed to make a great first impression.

The first one deals with the dislike of a tasty beverage.

Bubble tea is not for everyone. While sipping on the drink, both guy and girl expressed their disdain for it. Luckily, the guy had an idea. “We should go out for bubble tea and not order bubble tea,” he proclaimed, and it worked. The two have been dating for four years now.