21 Fun Ways to Exercise If You Hate the Gym

You want to exercise every day. But then you think about the crowded, sweaty gym and the intimidating weight machines and the elliptical with the broken headphone jack and…maybe the gym isn’t your thing. Instead, try these 21 fun, unexpected ways to burn calories.


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1. Take your dog for a walk. But make him keep up with your pace. (He can sniff that weird-smelling park bench another time.)

2. On that note, volunteer to clean up a park or beach. It feels good to help out and you’ll work your muscles all the while.

3. Grab some friends and play Frisbee. (It’s way more fun than push-ups, trust us.)

4. Instead of immediately plopping in front of the TV, go for a 30-minute stroll after dinner. You can even go slow—just as long as you’re moving.

5. You know that patch of weeds in the backyard? Grab a trowel and some seedlings. You’ll tone your arms and get a sweet garden out of the deal, too.