5 ways to give your stairway style a real step up


How to give your stairs a much-needed face lift

Do you have stairs in your home that could use a fresh look? Make a statement with your stairs by dressing them up with bright colors, patterns and fun designs. All you need to give your stairway a makeover is a little imagination and a lot of paint! For those of you who aren’t ready to totally remodel a space in your home, these DIY staircase decorating ideas are the perfect way to give your stairs a fancy facelift without making any permanent changes.


From removable wallpaper and runners to patterned fabric and a simple can of paint, take a look at these five ways to upgrade your staircase from the blogger community at Porch.com.

1. Ombre spindles

How to give your stairs a much-needed face liftImage: The Decorologist

If you don’t want to commit to an entire staircase makeover, try focusing on just one part of your stairs. Incorporate the ombre trend into your home by painting the spindles of your staircase with the gradual fading of a color from dark to light.