6 Hangover cures you didn’t know existed

Hangover cures so weird they just might work

Hangovers tend to get worse as you get older because your body simply doesn’t metabolize your alcohol of choice as quickly. The longer said alcohol stays in your body, the more you’ll wish you weren’t in your body the next morning.

That being said, there are many ways to quell the hangover demons, namely the nausea, tiredness and pounding headache. While the most common (and some might argue effective) hangover cure-all is aspirin and coffee, there are plenty of natural, nonstimulant cures that are thought to work.

Please be forewarned, they’re not all scientifically proven. So, if you try one and it doesn’t work, don’t hate the messenger, just reach for your nearest aspirin bottle.

1. A dirty lemon drink

Hangover cures so weird they just might workImage: Image Source/Getty Images

This is a drink you can make yourself that consists of one part lemon juice, two parts water, a dash of dandelion extract, a dash of ginger and one dose of activated charcoal. Dr. Laurie Brodsky, naturopathic doctor (N.D.) and expert for Dirty Lemon, said, “After a night of drinking, your liver is working overtime to filter the alcohol out of your system. Lemon-infused water and beverages support detoxification by boosting liver function, stimulating digestive juices, alleviating liver inflammation, and promoting tissue regeneration.” Meanwhile, the activated charcoal absorbs chemicals from the alcohol, which the body recognizes as “poisons.”