7 Tips on How to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery

Having the company of pets inside your home can be quite a special privilege—after all, there’s nothing like coming home from a hard day of work to the unconditional love of your pets. However, this setup does involve you having to deal with the obvious downsides of having furry animals indoors, with one of the bigger ones being the hair and fur they will leave wherever they go. This can be quite annoying to deal with, especially if you’ve got a lot of expensive upholstery, as pet hair and dander stick to those surfaces like nobody’s business.

To help you get rid of pet hair efficiently and make upholstery cleaning less of a trial, here are some tips on how to do just that.

First, remove as much hair as possible by vacuuming the upholstered surface thoroughly. This will dislodge and suck up most of the hair that can easily be removed. This cuts your work down by quite a good amount. For the best results, use a hand or portable vacuum, so you can get into corners and gaps that you wouldn’t be able to with a normal-sized vacuum. Since they’re lighter, hand vacuums will also be gentler on your upholstery.

Fill a small bucket halfway with lukewarm water, and place it beside you. This will save you from having to make frequent trips to the faucet. Also, make sure that it’s not hot or warm water—just room temperature should be enough. Any warmer and it could damage the upholstery or make its colors run.

Wear a rubber or latex glove. Dampen it with water, and then run your gloved palm over the upholstered surface, pressing firmly down. Moistening your rubber glove with water essentially makes its surface sticky and tacky, enough that the delicate strands of animal hair will stick to it. Repeat this enough times until the section is completely clean of hair and dander. Dip your glove into the bucket to wash off the accumulated hair every now and then, ensuring that that you’re actually removing hair and not just pushing them around. Do this until the entire upholstered surface is clean.

Use a microfiber towel if you don’t have rubber gloves handy. Microfiber towels work just as well, albeit in a different way. While latex turns tacky and sticky when damp, the electrostatic charge in microfiber towels will be enough to pick up the hair. Just dampen it with a few quick sprays of water to enhance the static effect.

Finish things off with a lint roller. A lint roller that’s fresh and clean of dust or dirt is perfect to pick up any tiny or thin hairs that you may have missed. It’s also good to use on surrounding areas such as curtains. As a neat bonus, you’ll be picking up any lint on those surfaces as well!

Have your pet groomed often and regularly. Besides actively cleaning off pet hair when you find it, you can also help cut down on the amount you’ll have to pick up by ensuring that your furry friend goes through regular grooming sessions. This dislodges and removes any loose hair or dander that would have easily ended up on your couch or carpeting otherwise.

Get your pet’s health checked often. One of the most common diseases that pets often go through are the skin conditions that make them shed hair like crazy. These include mange, fleas, and ringworm infection. Prevent this from happening by having them visit the vet regularly.


Getting rid of pet hair on your upholstery may feel like an absolutely painstaking chore, but with the tips listed above you’ll be done in no time flat, allowing you to enjoy more time with your furry companions.