30 Affordable DIY Remodeling Ideas That Will Spectacularly Upgrade Your Home

11. Paint tile

Change the look of tile by painting stencils. No need to rip it out!

affordable DIY remodeling painted tile

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12. Vinyl flooring

This flooring is very cheap and looks great.

affordable DIY remodeling vinyl flooring

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13. Age brass drawer pulls

Shiny builder grade brass does not look exciting. Soak the brass in brass ager!

affordable DIY remodeling age brass drawer pulls

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14. Paint your cabinets

Change the entire look of your kitchen with new painted cabinets.

affordable DIY remodeling paint your cabinets

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15. Peel and stick tiles

Make an awesome backlash with cheap peel and stick tiles.

affordable DIY remodeling peel and stick tiles

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