30 Affordable DIY Remodeling Ideas That Will Spectacularly Upgrade Your Home

16. Bead board cabinets

Instead of painting cabinets, you can also install bead board wallpaper on them.

affordable DIY remodeling bead board cabinets

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17. Dresser kitchen island

Instead of shelling out a lot of money for an island, convert a dresser into one!

affordable DIY remodeling dresser kitchen island dresser kitchen island 2

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18. Paint bathroom tile

Using a tub and tile paint kit, you can make your bathroom more modern.

affordable DIY remodeling paint bathroom tile

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19. Paint fireplace brass

Change the look of your fire place by painting the brass. If you have a wood fire place, be sure to use high heat spray paint.

affordable DIY remodeling paint fireplace brass

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20. Update closets

Add some shelves to sliding closets for a better look and improved space.

affordable DIY remodeling update closets

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