Here’s What Your Favorite “America’s Next Top Model” Contestants Look Like Today

7. AzMarie Livingston — Cycle 18 (2012) runner up

Then: AzMarie placed 9th on the America’s Next Top Model: British Invasion season.

Now: She’s gone on to play Chicken on the show Empire, and release her own debut EP, HipPopMelodicPoetry on Soundcloud. Oh, and she dated View co-host Raven Symone.

8. Ann Ward — Cycle 15 (2010) winner

Then: At 6’2”, Ann was one of the tallest competitors in ANTM history.

Now: Ward modeled successfully for several years, and now seems pretty focused on drawing graphic art. She even has her own Etsy shop where she sells her designs.

9.Teyona Anderson — Cycle 12 (2009) winner

Then: Teyona beat out fan favorite Alison Harvard to take the top spot.

Now: Teyona has modeled in both the states and South Africa and is pregnant with her second kid.