Here’s What Your Favorite “America’s Next Top Model” Contestants Look Like Today

13. Jade Cole — Cycle 6 (2006) contestant


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Then: Jade was one of the cycle’s most memorable contestants, who claimed the show painted her as a villain.

Now: Now, she’s still modeling a bit. She had the opportunity to appear on a later “all stars” season of ANTM, but chose not to, citing “contractual issues.” MMHMM.

14. Joanie Dodds, Cycle 6 (2006) runner up

Then: Dodds was the contestant with the CRAZY HORRIBLE TOOTH EXTRACTION. Do you guys remember when Tyra made her get her teeth fixed? OH GOD, it was a nightmare.

Now: Dodds is a licensed contractor, and for four seasons hosted Run My Renovation, a home improvement show on the DIY Network.

15.Kim Stolz — Cycle 5 (2005) contestant

Then: Kim was one of the first openly gay contestants on ANTM and she played up her masculine side to her advantage on the show.

Now: In 2014, she published the book Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do. But! The biggest post ANTM-career surprise definitely goes to Stolz. She’s the director of equality derivative sales at Bank of America.