Here’s What Your Favorite “America’s Next Top Model” Contestants Look Like Today

16. Cassandra Jean — Cycle 5 (2005) contestant

Then: During the ~controversial~ ANTM makeover, Tyra had Cassandra’s long, brown hair cut short and dyed it blonde. When Tyra requested that she cut her hair even shorter, Cassandra opted to leave the show.

Now: Cassandra modeled a bit, but now she’s married to Steven Amell, the star of Arrow. They have a two-year-old together.

17. Naima Mora — Cycle 4 (2004) winner

Then: Naima took top honors with her close cropped hair and surprisingly ambitious demeanor.

Now: After fronting a band (called Galaxy of Tar) and working as a motivational speaker, she’s now designing her own clothes under the moniker Naima x Hitoma.