27 Awesome ’80s Toys You Probably Don’t Remember Wanting

1. The Heart Family:

The Heart Family:

Why you wanted it so bad: Barbie was way, way too busy loving her life to be weighed down with a family, so enter the Heart Family, Barbie’s friends who, looking like they came straight out of a Laura Ashley catalog, introduced a family unit to Barbie’s world.

2. Pillow People:

Pillow People:

Why you wanted it so bad: Really, who else was going to protect you from the monsters that lived under your bed and in your closet?! Well, all of these except for Thunder Clap — you’d probably throw that creepy Pillow Person under your bed or deep inside your closet.

3. Dino-Riders:

Why you wanted it so bad: Three words: EPIC DINOSAUR BATTLES. Seriously, these toys were like having GI Joe and Cobra battling it out on dinosaurs. And for kids nothing captures your imagination more than dinosaurs.

4. Hugga Bunch dolls:

Hugga Bunch dolls:

Why you wanted it so bad: Most likely because you watched the Hugga Bunch movieand, somehow, weren’t creeped the fuck out by it.

5. Oh Jenny!:

Oh Jenny!:

Why you wanted it so bad: The Oh Jenny! line was a bit like Polly Pocket, but her miniature world was much more expansive and cohesive. It included an RV, a stable, a tree house, and a mega bomb-ass mansion (seen above).

6. Food Fighters:

Food Fighters:

Why you wanted it so bad: These awesome anthropomorphic action figures provided one thing you couldn’t do in real life: playing with your food.

7. Captain Power:

Why you wanted it so bad: These came with an ahead-of-its-time interactive feature…well, interactive with a VHS tape at least, but still that was way futuristic for the ’80s.