Awesome vegan hair products for any hair problem you can imagine

No animals were harmed in the making of these awesome vegan hair products

With vegans now making up 2.5 percent of the population (and almost all of them having hair in some form or another that needs taming), it makes sense that the vegan hair care market is booming. Besides that, plenty of people who still choose to eat meat and other animal products often don’t want to put animal byproducts on their hair. Vegan hair products aren’t just for the omnivores among us — these natural products offer a little something for everyone.

It may be easier to find the vegan-certified label on your favorite hair care products these days, but choosing totally vegan products still takes some homework. Erica Hariss, the mastermind behind the vegan Saving Grace Hair Powder — designed to cover roots and absorb oil and made with only four ingredients — recommends checking the PETA website first. PETA’s Animal Ingredients List organizes animal ingredients and their alternatives to help customers avoid these common ingredients in cosmetics, food and other products.

Hariss says, “I do know that to ‘qualify’ for some of the labels consumers are looking for these days — organic, vegan, no animal testing, etc. — you pay a company (usually nonprofit) to use their logo to represent what your particular product stands for. However, the fallacy in this is that many small or artisanal companies may actually be vegan, or not tested on animals, but not pay for usage of the icon that represents this on their packaging.”

Hariss recommends examining all product ingredient labels — and ignoring any marketing claims made on the front of the packaging — before you make your vegan hair care choice. She says, “Many of these artisanal brands tend to be made in small batches and crafted from natural ingredients that tend to be organic and often vegan. They are also often free from preservatives, additives, chemicals and synthetics.” The Ethical Elephant also provides a full breakdown of cruelty-free and vegan product labels and logos.

With a little digging, you can absolutely find a nourishing, natural and animal-friendly product to use on your hair. And for some of those hair woes that are tougher to tackle, we’ve got just the vegan hair products to do the trick.

For frizzy hair

No animals were harmed in the making of these awesome vegan hair productsImage: Naturally Curly

Giovanni Direct Leave In-Conditioner is the curly-headed (and sometimes frizzy-headed) vegan’s best friend. Enriched with certified organic botanicals and made with zero animal ingredients, the leave-in conditioner can help to moisturize, detangle, nourish and restore hair strength. (Naturally Curly, $8)