Beauty products for men that women should use

Men’s products that give you way more bang for your buck compared to women’s beauty products

If you’ve run out of your favorite lotion, deodorant or shaving cream, stop before you head to the store to pick some more up. Instead, raid your boyfriend’s or husband’s side of the medicine cabinet. Chances are, you’ll be getting a similar product — or a better one — at a cheaper price.

Many of the beauty products marketed to women are a lot more expensive for nearly the same set of ingredients as those for men. And women are becoming the wiser, with a growing number buying toiletries made for men instead of the ones pushed on them. Brands for men like Anthony and Jack Black are increasingly seeing women using their products — and have begun selling to them as a result.

“Sharing products is a really useful way to both save money and create more intimacy,” says beauty and style expert Elycia Rubin, who blogs about beauty products on What I’m Loving. “A lot of fragrances now are unisex, and women have been gravitating toward more musky, woodsy scents, so women could find the fragrances for men alluring as well.”

In fact, the product’s scent and packaging are often the only differences between the male and female versions. And typically, neither is enough of a deal breaker to deter women from buying the one for guys instead of the one for girls.

The reason companies often charge women more than men? Because they can.


“The difference in price all comes down to marketing. Women are willing to pay more,” Rubin says. “They tend to think more about beauty and anti-aging than men.”

Some of the stuff for women is more complex in terms of how it’s made, which might bump up the cost. “Oftentimes, women’s products have added botanicals and other ingredients that men’s don’t have that would increase the price,” says Rubin.

But sometimes, they don’t. And the added ingredients aren’t always necessary to begin with.

So what beauty products for men should you steal for yourself and maybe save a little money in the process? Here are seven of them.