Beauty products for men that women should use

3. Razors

Men's products that give you way more bang for your buck compared to women's beauty products

Images: Amazon

Razors for men and women can be more evenly priced, but the ones for men tend to work better and give closer, smoother shaves. Gillette’s Venus razors for women, like the Venus Swirl Women’s Razor with FlexBall Technology, comes with two refills and costs $12.59. Gillette’s Fusion ProGlide Razor with FlexBall Handle Technology, marketed to men, also comes with two refills and costs between $12.59 and $13.59, depending on where you buy it. Reviewers swear by the one for men as a great product for anyone looking for an ultra-effective razor.

“I’ve tried the men’s razors and I do find they give me a closer shave on my legs,” says Rubin.