17 Items Of Clothing Adult Men Should Think Twice About Wearing

11. Ill-fitting dress shirts

Ill-fitting dress shirts

Hugh & Crye / Via hughandcrye.com

Do you want to look like a sailor’s mast or business casual?

12. Boot-cut/flared jeans

Boot-cut/flared jeans

These should be left in 2003, TBH.

13. Big studded belts

Big studded belts

Belts are like Beyoncé’s backup dancers: They should complement the main attraction (in this case the pants, not Queen Bey) but not detract from it. Big studded belts are an eyesore that should not be tolerated under any circumstances.

14. Fedoras


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Are you Indiana Jones? We didn’t think so. You’re not saving ancient artifacts, you’re not battling Nazis, and thus you’re probably not qualified to be rocking a fedora.

15. Baggy swim trunks

Baggy swim trunks

Follow the Goldilocks principle: Buy clothes that aren’t too tight, but not too loose.

16. Way-too-deep V necks

Way-too-deep V necks

If it looks like the V is going from lower case to upper case, you’re in trouble.

17. Capris


When you wake up in the morning and put on your outfit for the day, you need to make a commitment: Choose shorts, or choose pants. Sorry, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. CAPRIS WILL JUST NOT CUT IT.

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