They are living in a tiny house, but take a closer look…

Over the course of the past few years, the size of the average house has doubled in the United States. Bucking this trend, however, are couples like Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller, who have come to the realization that size isn’t really what matters. They, among many others, are part of a growing trend known as the “small house movement”, which emphasizes efficiency and green living over space. This unique couple decided to do something mind blowing together: they built a tiny house, from scratch.

Neither Christopher nor Merete had any prior building experience, but they knew what they wanted to use for the foundation.


Despite the many challenges they were facing, they decided to build their dream home.

A very, very tiny dream home.

They went through a lot of trial and error, but they kept an open mind and learned a lot throughout the process.

Their little house was made to travel…

… But they decided to settle down just outside of Boulder, Colorado.

Once Christopher decided to settle down, he thought about what his dream home needed.

As it turns out, all he really required were bare necessities.


The couple is part of the “small house movement”, comprised of people who are embracing modest living as a way to reduce their carbon footprint.


Building the house on a flatbed trailer was definitely a challenge.

They both had to learn a lot of new skills to be able to build a house from scratch.

Often, they would have to approach employees at stores, like Home Depot, in order to get advice on how to get everything done properly.

After a while, they got pretty good at it.

This tiny house sits on nearly five acres of land in beautiful Colorado.

Christopher says he spent an extensive amount of time on YouTube, watching how-to videos and picking up the necessary skills for his project.

The little house is highly energy efficient.

Don’t let the size fool you, by the way; it fits a queen-sized bed in the loft area.

To be even more eco-friendly, they built it to run on solar power.

They also have a composting toilet.

The house is definitely cozy, but it has plenty of room for two people to live comfortably.

Christopher and Merete both spent their 20s moving around a lot, so neither of them had many possessions between them.

As a result, it was pretty easy to live together in such a small space.

This couple really proves that bigger isn’t always better.

“The world gets a lot bigger when you’re living small because I can afford to do a lot more things now in terms of cash and time. The whole world is my living room.”

“We don’t all have to give up our material possessions and live in 89 square feet, but let’s think about giving up our McMansions and building a little smarter.”

To learn more about the Chistopher and Merete, and the small house movement, watch Tiny, which includes a segment on this couple, and others like them, who have learned that you can actually lead BIGGER lives in smaller houses. Truly incredible!

Credit: Tiny – The Movie
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