29 Must Know Parenting Hacks

13. Turn an old bottle of lotion into a faucet extender so your kids can get clean

parenting hacks faucet extender

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14. Prevent ice cream from dripping out of a cone using a marshmallow

parenting hacks ice cream cone hack

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15. Cut a sticker down the middle and place it on your kids shoe

That way they will know what shoe goes where!

parenting hacks sticker shoe hack

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16. If your toddler is always taking his or her onesie off, put it on backwards

parenting hacks backwards onsie

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17. If your kid is afraid of monsters, try monster spray

parenting hacks monster spray

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18. Cut pancakes into bite size pieces with a pizza cutter

parenting hacks pancakes

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19. Keep a frozen sponge in your child’s lunch box

Ice blocks tend to make everything wet.

parenting hacks frozen sponge

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20. Stop your kid from using too much toilet paper by making a “shall not pass” sign

parenting hacks toilet paper

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21. Prevent your kids toys from floating away by putting them in a laundry basket

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22. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of your seat so your kids can grab what they need

parenting hacks shoe organizer

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23. Stop your kids from wasting soap by putting a rubber band underneath

parenting hacks rubber band soap

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24. Keep birthday cake from going stale using white bread and toothpicks

parenting hacks cake

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25. Make hot dogs less messy by putting condiments underneath the dog

parenting hacks hot dog hack

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26. Put a bib hook on the back of a high chair

parenting hacks bibs

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27. Keep baby socks together by putting them in a laundry bag

parenting hacks baby socks

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28. Cut a bunch of grapes at once by using a plate

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29. Keep track of your child’s dosage by putting a chart on the side of the bottle

parenting hacks dosage

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