12 New England Inns That Are Total Gilmore Goals

11. The Kelley House Martha’s Vineyard, Edgartown, MA

@kelleyhousemv / Via instagram.com

@kelleyhousemv / Via instagram.com

While Logan and Rory’s attempt at a double date weekend with Lorelai and Luke in Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t have been more awkward, the peak-quaint location certainly can’t be blamed for it. The Kelley House has been honing its hosting skills since 1742, and visitors today are treated to evening milk and cookies, an outdoor pool (with a poolside bar), and proximity to beaches, vineyards, and golf courses.

12. The Bee & Thistle Inn in Old Lyme, CT

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riley.pinkerton“>@riley.pinkerton / Via instagram.com

Brimming with small town charm and history, this cute New England inn is just quirky enough to belong to Lorelai. Traditional elements like afternoon tea meet whimsical local artisan crafts to give this inn its unique and eclectic charm.

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