27 Restaurants You Must Visit In 2017

21. The Gannet, Glasgow

The Gannet, Glasgow

The Gannet

Glasgow food just makes me happy. Sure, Edinburgh may be widely known as the foodie capital of Scotland, but this year you need to discover Glasgow. Because their food is getting just as good as Edinburgh, but cheaper and with far less pretension (though I do say this as someone who can get incredibly pretentious about food, so my views on the subject may be wildly skewed).

Case in point: The Gannet. A gloriously cosy Scottish restaurant that serves up just as cosy food: veal sweetbreads, red deer with crisp potato, and partridge done with quail’s eggs and caramelised onions are all on the menu.

22. Kricket, London

Kricket, London


Once only to be found in a tiny space in Brixton, Kricket have now made the move over the river to Soho, giving you a hint of some of the success their Brixton branch had. Twenty covers just wasn’t enough.

An homage to India, here you’ll find the best of British produce and Indian spices. Langoustines bright with turmeric, duck leg kathi rolls, and the beautifully delicate pistachio and rose misti doi are just some of the myriad dishes you need to try.

23. Inver, Strathlachlan, Argyll and Bute


2017 is looking set to be the year of Scotland. It’s being heralded left, right, and center as one of the most beautiful spots in the world. And its tiny, remote restaurants mean there’s all the more reason to go. Inver is one such location; feast on the sweeping views and breathtakingly dramatic lochs on the drive here, then feast again on the just as beautiful Highlands-Nordic fusion cuisine.

24. The Larder House, Bournemouth

The Larder House, Bournemouth


Dorset’s food and drink scene is very up-and-coming, and James Fowler, the chef behind The Larder House, is part and parcel of that. Drive down and see for yourself, and if the overnight braised steak doesn’t convert you, then 1) you may need to get your tastebuds checked, and 2) go try Dorshi in Bridport for some brilliant East Asian cuisine, and know that if you’re still not sold on Dorset after that, there’s definitely something up with your tastebuds.

25.Crabshakk, Glasgow

Crabshakk, Glasgow

Just simple seafood done brilliantly. For a bonafide crab and oyster addict like myself, that’s all I’ll ever need to hear to become a loyal disciple of any restaurant. And Crabshakk is the embodiment of that. If you’re a fan of langoustines, shellfish chowder, and everything in between, all available at non-bank-breaking prices, you need to visit this Glaswegian nirvana ASAP.