They Saw These Old Pipes In The Woods. When They Investigated, They Found The Creepiest Thing.

If you were hiking in the woods in Northern Germany, you might come across weird periscope-looking pipes coming up from the earth. Keep in mind, this is in the middle of the woods. A group of friends in the former German Democratic Republic decided to explore the area around the pipes. What they found is fascinating.

Here is the story, in the photographer’s own words:

“So when visiting an old friend in Northern Germany (formerly GDR) he told me about these weird periscope like pipes in the woods. They often played there as kids and knew about the bunkers below, but never were allowed to get near them. Last week we decided to check them out and this is our report.”

“It was not very hard to find, circa a hundred meters from the periscopes, and surrounded by coniferous trees. It was covered with a wooden lid, that was easy to remove by crowbar.”

“The iron door you can see in the pic would swing back in but the lock was broken in the first place, so we couldn’t get trapped inside. Anyhow, the sight of a closed door in an environment like this wasn’t a nice thing to see.”

“What you can see here is what we would see for the next few minutes – nothing but endless, hospital like hallways. The acoustics were, in a word, haunting.”

“A pipe and a plastic bag on the floor, from a local supermarket.”