7 Signs A Marriage Won’t Last, According To Wedding Officiants

5. The couple doesn’t have a partnership of equals.

“In a healthy partnership, both individuals feel emotionally safe to be themselves and both value each other’s point of view. Alternatively, when one partner has to ‘win’ and have his or her way every time, the other becomes shut down and silenced. As time goes on, the relationship becomes increasingly imbalanced and unfulfilling.” ― Judith Johnson

When both partners have to be right and win the argument, no one wins.

6. One partner has a sense of entitlement.

“During our introductory conversation, the bride shared that she had put her career on hold so as to help her fiancé go to law school. I was impressed, but then she said, ‘So now he owes me and he’s going to give me the wedding of my dreams.’ I asked the groom if he thought he ‘owed’ his fiancé anything. He looked blankly and said, ‘No.’ She got the wedding of her dreams, and he eventually got the divorce of his!” ― JP Reynolds

7. There is a lack of emotional and physical intimacy.

“Lack of intimacy ― both emotional and physical ― means that something has broken down along the way. If your best friend is not your partner, why is someone else getting the best of you? If physical intimacy is waning, that may be a sign of a lack of communication or that you’re holding on to resentments, which in the end will cause a greater divide between you. Plan dates with your partner ― many of them. Have fun with each other. Know that no matter what, you have one another. The emotional bond will lead to the physical intimacy.” ― Jeddah Vailakis

Credit She Knows