12 Simple Foil Packet Dinners You Can Bake In The Oven

4. Indian-Spiced Baked Potato & Egg Foil Packs

Step one: Roast up some spiced potatoes. Step two: Crack an egg over ‘em. Step three: Devour. Recipe here.

5. Italian Chicken & Veggie Foil Packs

Using store-bought Italian dressing makes this super easy to assemble — but you could also DIY your own Italian seasoning using spices you likely already have in your kitchen. Recipe here.

6. Turkey Sausage & Vegetable Grill Packs

Turkey Sausage & Vegetable Grill Packs

This version fires things up on the grill to get those char marks — but this can be made in an oven, too. Recipe here.