These 14 Simple Hacks Might Just Save Your Life Someday

Life is unpredictable, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot learn a few tricks to save your life. Most people go through their life without being put in life-threatening situations. But sometimes when you know what to do in such cases, it sets a demarcation between a tragic incident and a scarring memory.

And therefore, here are some tricks that you should adhere to, if you face such situations. Because you never know, when you might need these.

1. If you see someone being stabbed, don’t pull the knife out

Save Your Life Someday1

Because the knife is likely blocking the blood vessels that were severed. And when you take the knife out, they bleed out even more. Also, if the object has hit some artery or vein, pulling it out can kill you in minutes if the wound is serious enough.

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