Top 12 Signs You Are Doing Well In Life

If you need a good reminding of how well you’re doing, here are 12 signs that mean you are doing far better in life than you realized…and sometimes all we can ask for is the little things.

1. You wake up this morning.

Waking up is the first step to starting your day and there are times when that is the last thing you want to do. Always remember that good days are to be cherished.

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2. You have a house to live.

You might be struggling, but you can always say that you have something and a place to go at night.

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3. You have a dream.

Having dreams means having hope. No matter how big or small, hold on to your dreams: you have no idea when they might start coming true.

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4. You’ve been heartbroken.

This means that you have loved and experienced powerful emotions. Learn and grow from it.

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