23 Travel Hacks To Help You Organize And Simplify

1. Prevent losing your earrings by placing them in a button

If you don’t have a case to keep your earrings in, placing them on a button makes them less likely to be lost.

travel hacks earrings

Source: thetravelwriterslife

2. Conceal cash in lip balm

Keep your emergency cash safe by hollowing out a lip balm container and keeping your hard earned money in there.

travel hacks cash lip balm

Source: shamelesstraveler

3. Keep wine safe by putting them in your shoes

Wine is a very expensive item that can be hard to protect. By placing them in your shoes, you can keep your expensive bottle safe!

4. Turn left in security lines

Studies have shown time and time again that you actually get through security faster if you go through the left line.

travel hacks tsa

Source: independent