23 Travel Hacks To Help You Organize And Simplify

5. Use a clip to protect your belongings from your razor

Put a clip over your razor to protect the blade and your clothes from getting slashed during travel. A nice little travel hack!

travel hacks razor

Source: dinosaursandrobots

6. Store chargers and headphones in a glasses case

Prevent your charger and headphones from getting lost or tangled during travel with this easy hack.

travel hacks sunglasses case

Source: apartmenttherapy

7. Put curling irons in pot holders

Keep your curling iron from burning your clothes without waiting for it to cool down by rolling it in a pot holder.

travel hacks pot holder

Source: dollarstorecrafts

8. Roll your clothes to save space

By rolling your clothes instead of folding them, you can save around 30% of space in your suitcase. Plenty of room for more clothes!