23 Travel Hacks To Help You Organize And Simplify

9. Exercise to avoid jet lag

The day before you fly out, do a lot of exercise. Studies have shown that this can prevent jet lag.

travel hacks exercise

Source: tumblr

10. Take advantage of the plane hook

Not too many people know this, but most planes have a hook in front of each seat. Take advantage of this and use it to hang your carry-on!

travel hacks plane hook

Source: lifebuzz

11. Use a straw to avoid necklace tangle

Prevent your precious necklaces from getting tangled by diluting them through a straw.

travel hacks necklace

Source: travelfashiongirl

12. Always have soap and a wash cloth together by making this case

This is called a soap pouch, basically it makes sure your soap and wash cloth stay together, because one without the other is nearly useless.

travel hacks soap

Source: whimsy-love