23 Travel Hacks To Help You Organize And Simplify

18. Protect clothes from dirty shoes by using a shower cap.

My favorite travel tip. Place your shoes inside a shower cap before you pack them. This can help keep your clothes clean!

travel hacks shoes

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19. Put a fragile sticker on your suitcase

Some experts say that if you put a fragile sticker on your luggage, it will most likely be put on top, which means that it will be the first one off the plane. Couldn’t hurt to try!

travel hacks fragilefragile

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20. Put makeup in a contact lens case

Touch up on the plane by keeping some makeup in a contact lens case. Easy to store in your carry on!

travel hacks makeup

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21. Keep your clothes fresh with a dryer sheet

Place a dryer sheet in the bottom of your suitcase. A nice way to keep your clothes fresh!

travel hacks dryer sheet

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22. Use a clip to keep your headphones tangle free

Clip your headphones to prevent them from getting damaged or tangled during travel.

travel hacks headphone

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 23. Tie a bow on your suitcase

Tying a bow on your suitcase makes it much easier to find in the long pickup lines.

travel hacks bow

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